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1- Good Deals on a Saltwater Aquarium?

2- Tips for Great Deals When Purchasing a Saltwater Aquarium on e-Bay

3- Aquarium Care for the Freshwater Guppy

4- Home Aquariums: Why They Are Handy


1- Good Deals on a Saltwater Aquarium? Aquariums make a lovely addition to any home, and the exotic nature of a saltwater aquarium and the tropical fish who inhabit it have caused these household decorations to rise in popularity over the years. Unfortunately, because of their exotic nature and high demand, it can often be quite costly to purchase and outfit a saltwater aquarium. The tank is not the only factor to be considered when calculating cost, although it is bound to be one of the greatest. There is also the cost of the plant life, sand, gravel, or silt, the rocks (particularly if you are using live rocks), coral, the filtering system, the stand, the lights, and, of course, the fish themselves.

With all of these costs, it is no wonder that people look for deals whenever possible when attempting to put together their aquarium. The most common venue for purchasing an aquarium is to simply go to some form of a pet store, such as Petsmart, that offers all of the things that are needed to establish a saltwater aquarium in one convenient location. This is much easier than attempting to put together an aquarium piece by piece and is the method generally chosen for those who do not want to wait months for their aquarium while they attempt to find the perfect pieces at the perfect bargain, an often frustrating hunt. These pet stores can also be invaluable when it comes to obtaining the saltwater and chemicals necessary to get the aquarium up and running; however, unless the store is running a special this is probably not going to be the method of choice for getting a good deal on an aquarium.

Online retailers offer consumers a better chance at good deals on an aquarium and all of their parts, and the ease of navigating the internet means that a search that could take months on foot can be done in only a matter of minutes from the comfort of the consumers own home. A would-be aquarium owner can search the online retailers who sell these parts new or they can choose to utilize such sites as e-Bay and Amazon, which offer these products gently used at prices much lower than can be found in any of the major retailers.

It is important to shop around a bit before making a commitment if you are attempting to get a good deal on an aquarium. Never take the first deal offered to you until you have seen how it compares to the competition. Regardless of what the retailer may claim, chances are that the offer will still be there in an hour or two after you have had the opportunity to examine what the competition has to offer. If the product is being sold by a private seller rather than a retail chain it may also be possible to barter the price down, particularly if this is something that they have been attempting to sell for some time.

With a bit of ingenuity and the proper resources, it is possible to obtain a quality aquarium at a bargain price-it simply requires a bit of patience and faith. Happy hunting!

2- Tips for Great Deals When Purchasing a Saltwater Aquarium on e-Bay With the world quickly entering the age of the virtual consumer it seems as though everyone is looking to the internet to purchase and sell their goods. The savvy consumer can find everything from fungus to jewelry throughout the mysterious twists and turns of the world's largest shopping mall. Is it any wonder, then, that e-Bay, the all-in-one auction site where buyers can literally buy almost anything, is becoming one of the largest "retailers" in the world?

Of course, just because they are beginning to exert dominance over the international market is no reason for consumers not to take advantage of the deals that can be had by shopping on e-Bay. e-Bay is an auction site, not a retailer. Many of the sellers who are listing their wares on e-Bay have a greater interest in finding a good home for them than in making a good profit-and the added bonus of no longer tripping over them when they walk through their house doesn't hurt either. Due to the fact that most of these sellers are interested in moving their products as quickly as possible the opening bids are generally well below market value.

Bear in mind, of course, that competition is going to inevitably drive the bidding up. Unless your mind is completely made up on the precise type of aquarium you want it may be best to go for one of the less popular models in an attempt to get the best deal. There will probably not be a great number of bidders competing over these products and the bids will probably not go a great deal higher than the minimum bid (we say probably because the only absolutes in life are death and taxes, and in the auction world the unexpected often happens). These less popular models are every bit as functional and beautiful as the more popular models, they just lack the newfangled gadgets which accompany every new and improved product that hits the market. (If you truly have your heart set on these gadgets, bear in mind that many can be added separately a little farther down the road for a great deal less expense).

Be careful not to find yourself starting a bidding war. Do not throw your hat in the ring too early. Bear in mind that it is a competition that drives the price of a product up. If you are too excited to purchase a product you will probably play your hand too soon and start a bidding war. The only thing that is going to mean is more money out of your pocket if you win. It is best to find an aquarium that suits your needs, then take note of the current bid and the day that the bidding is ending. On the last bidding day, as close to the closing time as possible without being over, visit the site and see what the current bid is. If it is still within your budget this is the time to make your bid.

Of course, if you find an aquarium that is absolutely perfect for your needs and you do not wish to wait another minute to add it to your home many items on e-Bay come with a "Buy It Now" option. This is generally a minimum amount that the owner has agreed to accept to stop the bidding process and make a sale. Beware! This price may be higher than the bidding would go, so do not jump the gun too early unless you feel you have truly found your heart's desire.

With a bit of organization and savvy planning, e-Bay can yield tremendous deals on aquariums and their accompanying equipment. Happy Hunting!

3- Aquarium Care for the Freshwater Guppy Guppies are perhaps the most popular type of freshwater fish to keep in an aquarium. Luckily, they are fairly easy to keep as well.Guppies are hardy fish that can adjust easily to minor fluctuations in water quality.However, don't allow these fluctuations to become common practice, as they do cause some stress to the fish.The water temperature in an aquarium for guppies should be kept between seventy-two and eighty-two degrees. The P.H. level should be kept between 7.0 and 8.2.As you can see these specifications are much more forgiving than those for certain tropical or marine fish.Guppies mature quickly and usually only grow to be about one and a half to two inches long.Their small bodies and feathery fan-like tails add a lot of interest to the tank.They are just fun to watch.

As with any type of aquarium, there are three basic components to caring for the fish.Diet is very important. Puppies should be fed very small amounts as often as three times a day. Guppies will eat just about anything, but their main diet should consist of frozen or flake foods.This should be especially regarded when there are baby guppies in the tank because guppies will eat their young.The next most important feature of caring for any fish is appropriate water regulation. The specific temperatures are listed above, but it is also important to make frequent water changes. Usually, every one to two weeks, depending on need.If the water starts to smell or become cloudy, this is a good indication that it is time to change the water. If water changes are made gradually, meaning to change approximately one-third of the tank at a time, then there is little disruption made to the fish.

Last on the list for keeping fish healthy, is to keep them happy.Try to recreate their natural environment.It is recommended to keep a variety of plants in the aquarium for guppies to seek refuge.There should be about one to two inches of the substrate at the bottom of the tank.Colored rock or dead crushed coral make a nice addition to the aquarium and may help to make the fish feel more at home.

A few varieties of guppies are the Fantail, Flagtail, Spadetail, Deltatail, and the Roundtail. The names of all of these different types of guppies focus on the tails because they are so remarkable and unique.The tail itself is usually about one-third of the size of the whole fish.It is possible to mix guppies with other varieties of fish. However, be careful when mixing because guppies are targeted as easy prey due to those fancy tails.Guppies breed very quickly, usually about every three to four weeks.They will interbreed amongst themselves, so the aquarium could very quickly become filled with many different varieties of color.It is very feasible to have an attractive aquarium without having any other fish at all.If you don't want the species to interbreed, simply keep them in separate tanks.

4- Home Aquariums: Why They Are Handy The practice of keeping fish in the home came about in the late 1800s.These fish were usually kept for short periods of time and were used as a food source. Home aquariums were generally kept only in coastal towns where the fish were readily accessible.Today, however many things of changed.We wouldn't dream of dipping a net into an aquarium and frying up the family pet for dinner.That's what Red Lobster is for.Home aquariums are for our personal entertainment and enjoyment.Aquariums add life and color to any room. They soothe sick patients at doctor's offices and entertain small children while their parents are shopping at Nordstrom.

When considering adopting a family pet, think fish. They are a good compromise when your children are eying that puppy in the window of the local pet store.Aquariums need little care in comparison to cats, dogs, and even birds. When going out of town, it is acceptable to leave the fish alone for a week or even longer.Just have a neighbor feed them once or twice.There is no grooming or bathing needed for fish.While a home aquarium does require regular maintenance and cleaning, it is minor compared to the care required for larger pets. Aquariums are usually less costly, as well.Dogs and cats require regular visits to the veterinarian, vaccinations, flea and tick medications, etc. Last year the purchase of pet toys was a billion-dollar industry. We don't have to worry about buying a tug rope or a stuffed friend for our fish.

An aquarium is less of a commitment than larger pets, and can still be a welcome addition to the family home. Aquariums are great learning tools for small children. Kids get excited if they are involved in the process. They can learn responsibility by having to help with the chores associated with aquarium care.Teach the children how to feed the fish and how to clean the tank. Aquariums are very handy for helping kids develop language skills, as well. It's amazing how many conversations can take place between a two-year-old and an aquarium. Let the kids name the fish.Have discussions and ask questions like, what color is that fish?What are the fish doing today?Count the fish.Just be careful with counting.If one of the fish has decided to eat some of its tank mates that could turn into a different type of learning experience altogether. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing; you just have to be prepared for it. After all, kids do have to learn about the cycle of life and death somehow. It would certainly be a lot easier to cope with the death of goldfish as a child's first loss, rather than a human family member.

In these times of having five hundred plus cable channels and excessive video games, an aquarium can be a refreshing touch to a home. The next time you sit down for a family dinner, try looking at the aquarium instead of the television.You never know, it may just start an actual conversation.

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