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1- Celebrity Branding

2- Billboard Advertising

3- Advertising: Self Promotion

4- Advertising using Power Words

5- Advergaming: Advertising through video games


1- Celebrity Branding Celebrity branding may be a method of advertising which uses the services of a star to market a product or service with the assistance of their fame and standing within the society. This method has several approaches; it can involve a star simply appearing during a commercial and therefore the celebrity is often signed for attending events for promotion. Another method is to start a line using their name as a brand. Perfume and garments are the most important product lines involving such a promotion. All the highest actors, singers, and models are known to offer their name to a particular brand or licensed products. Jennifer Lopez started her own line of clothing a short time ago which features designer clothes personally designed by her.

A customer's buying behavior is hugely influenced by famous people. Marketing experts, using associative learning principles, analyze the life-style of the celebrities to properly assign them to the brand which depicts them perfectly. Their fashion sense, appeal, awareness, fame, and public image are reviewed thoroughly to assign them the proper charity work or product. Repetition, blocking, CS pre-exposure, extinction, overshadowing, belongingness, and association set size are the principles on the idea of which analysis is completed just like the famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai of India who has very beautiful eyes was chosen to campaign for eye donation project. several celebrities are known for his or her distinct voice. this idea led to the voice-over method in advertising. Their voices merely attract customers when utilized in a billboard.

Today, nearly one-fifth of the advertising industry utilizes celebrity endorsement. a star is sure to endorse many products and makes over a course of your time. whenever a special image of the celebrity is being projected to the general public. the corporate should confine mind the previous identity and play accordingly. Projecting a special person whenever will sustain the interest of the purchasers, but at an equivalent time, the 2 identities shouldn't conflict with one another. The captain of the England soccer team David Beckham has endorsed many products. While advertising for Gillette, his taste for hairstyles was considered and he was given a bald look. When campaigning for Police his passion for fashion was portrayed everywhere and heavily jeweled David Beckham was depicted. 

If a star isn't comfortable with being pictured differently whenever he or she will create a graphic image or logo of their own which may be used whenever they advertise for a specific product. the brand can reflect the personality of the respective celebrity, just like the font are often stylish if the celebrity is style aware like Jennifer Lopez who created a logo of JLO, which is employed to advertise perfume and even a clothing line of her own. Another advantage of this approach is that the brand can still be appealing to the crowds even after the celebrity has lost his or her looks as they won't require visual recognition and aids within the long-term negotiations. The celebrity logo itself carries the design and attitude.

Millions of dollars are being invested by marketers to urge the promotional support of superstars per annum. Davie Brown Entertainment has a workplace completely dedicated to the aim of selecting a star for a product. They not only judge a celebrity's caliber to affect brand affinity and consumer's taste but also design the advertisements for the celebrities to feature in it.


2- Billboard Advertising Outdoor advertising may be a low budget and effective way of advertising a company's product. Among the whole methods, billboard advertising is that the most sort after method, which has been proven to be the simplest sales strategy within recent times. Nearly 5.6 billion dollars was spent on billboard advertising alone, within the year 2006, as analyzed by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Billboard advertising is the best bet in outdoor advertising and isn't that costly. And with the quantity of exposure, the merchandise gets the cash is worthwhile. within the past few years, several factors have triggered billboard advertising, and price effectiveness being one of the prime reasons. one among the explanations being if a billboard is placed within the local newspaper or a channel the advertisement gets noticed for less than thirty seconds and when an equivalent advertisement is placed on billboard, it gets noticed throughout the day, for months. Thousands of individuals view billboard every day on their thanks to jobs or home, it doesn't stray within the pages like a billboard placed during a newspaper or magazine. there's a frequent and continuous delivery of the message. No other advertising method can grab the eye of individuals like billboard advertising. It creates brand awareness and powerful name recognition. 

One of the explanations behind the value being low is technology. In the early years, the billboards were hand-painted thanks to which the labor cost was high. Now, advertisers design and print their advertisements on an enormous poster board or vinyl board by a computer-aided printer, which is extremely cost-effective. Creativity is often achieved to the very best extent, with ease and less money. The brighter, colorful, creative the advertisement is, the more eye-catching it's. With the advancements in technology, it takes very little time to style billboards with unlimited possibilities. 

Before placing an ad advertisement during a particular area it's better than a search is completed about the interest of the people in and around that area. Like if the advertiser desires to post an ad advertisement on a highway, he can choose the advertisement in a motel, cafeteria, or gasoline station. counting on the locality specific potential customers should be targeted.

The cost is basically reasonable. It varies from $1,000 to $3,000 per month. Ten advertisements will cost around $ 30,000. it'd appear as if an enormous amount, but it costs almost the same if placing a full-page ad during a newspaper for less than each day. And if the effectiveness is taken into account for both the methods, newspaper advertisements aren't even half as effective as billboard advertisements. When a billboard is placed in a newspaper or during a magazine, the customer should reach bent see the advertisement, but when an ad is placed on a billboard, it's like getting to the purchasers.

Thus, Billboard advertising has a high-impact on people and maybe a cost-effective method of advertisement. The above-mentioned advantages are few of the various advantages of billboard advertising. And that's the rationale why all kinds of companies and businesses are choosing to travel with billboard advertising. From placing the billboard at a theater multiplex, highway, airport, and even pasting them on cars, any quite product is often advertised to any quite audience. and therefore the effectiveness of it can never be underestimated.

3- Advertising: Self Promotion Self-promotion is analogous to spreading the word by the other means but with an inventive approach. If the artistic part were taken out of the equation advertising would look more like barging instead of self-promotion. There are many steps involved during this process. the primary step is to gather and make useful content concerning the subject, which may be a not a simple job. 

In today's fast-paced world owning an internet site for your business may be a must which isn't an enormous deal anymore with numerous people available who excel in web designing and also offer a competitive rate. There are many sorts of technologies involved within the creation of an internet site, a 1-page flash website wouldn't take you places. Intense graphics should be incorporated to catch the attention of the customer. After the creation of the website, the web site content should be emphasized upon. Writers who expertise in program optimization should be raked so that the page ranks amongst the highest pages on Google, Yahoo, and Msn. Search engines became popular universally and your website doing good on them plays a more vital role than getting other quite references. Hence, efforts should be made on making remarkable reach bring your website within the list. Also, the material on the web site should be updated frequently to satisfy the changing needs of the people. Get someone to style a logo for the corporate and website which is catchy and delivers the proper message to the purchasers.

Other than website content, articles should even be published in newspapers, magazines, and online publications especially business oriented emphasizing ten strong points which describe the simplest about the business or the merchandise. Online publication will facilitate in providing successful searches to the targeted audience.

The next target method of advertising should be television. Putting a billboard during the clock time will spread the message to a bigger crowd. The content of the advertising should be like the worth of the merchandise. Famous personalities are often roped in to endorse the merchandise, which can not only attract folk but also their fans in buying the merchandise. 

From time to time it's essential to review the past work and improving on the mistakes previously committed. Once the previous mistakes are tackled, it wouldn't hurt to research previous milestones, awards, and acquisitions. This increases the probability of running into something that basically deserves to be highlighted to the general public. The more accomplishments you display to the general public the more fan-following your product will get.

Reviewing competitor's work daily would prove fruitful. this can also help identify loopholes in your product that are overlooked before and would offer the key reasons to enhance on.

Although this is often an old approach, snail mails also are one among the simplest advertising methods. As it’s a more energy consuming approach, it’s important that you simply have the addresses of the purchasers who are really in need of the merchandise. Regular mails containing details about the new development will keep people informed about your company's products. A more modern approach to the present method is collecting e-mail ids of the targeted customers and posting them ads and the latest deals. this is often a less expensive and fewer time-consuming approach compared to snail mails as you'll mass email as many of us as you would like at any time.

Before releasing any product within the market, product testing should be done by giving out samples among the targeted customers. The feedbacks makes it more clear whether the merchandise is prepared to be released within the market or whether changes should be made to form it more appealing to the general public. it's recommended to approach sincere friends, acquaintances, partners, and clients initially to check your product then attend the general public, as expert advice is more useful.

To make more brownie points, address the purchasers and clients, and appreciate them for his or her contribution to making the merchandise popular. Send a token of thanks on special occasions like festivals or on accomplishing a crucial task. Customers also can be thanked by offering special discounts and gifts. After gaining popularity focus should get on retaining the reputation instead of taking things without any consideration.

4- Advertising using Power Words Word cannot only influence the minds of individuals but can completely change their perception of a few particular things. Words have the persuasion power to entice and motivate. they're employed by the politicians, PR personals, and even by parents to expire their message. These words are referred to as power words and that they can do wonders when utilized in an advertisement. 

New or improved words create a way of curiosity. the purchasers get an impact that the merchandise are some things that are different from others and he tries to urge it before anyone else does so on have edge over others. The laundry products have always been advertised as new and improved, for years. Although it is often either a new improved version of the prevailing product, but the facility of both the words and therefore the product reinforces each other's strength. 

Take for instance the road 'Money back guarantee', these power words help gain the trust of the customer. it's a requirement to print these words at the closing line of a billboard. After this sentence, the methods of payment and the way money is going to be returned if the customer isn't satisfied should be stated.

Most of the successful advertisements have a touch known secret that surely generated curiosity within the reader. People are knowledge thirsty, they need to understand what others don't know. They think that there's some vital information they're missing due to which they haven’t gained success in something particular.

The words' Insider says that', is analogous to 'secret'. It gives out information from some expertise that's still unknown to the surface world and as long as the customer gives money, information is going to be divulged to him.

Free word within the headline of the message simply does wonders. The reader easily absorbs the message, unless and until something free is given to the custa omer actually. By any chance, if the corporate tricks the customer into paying money for something, which was alleged to be free, the trust of the customer is lost instantly. Usually, the word FREE is spelled as FR~E on websites as ISP filters blocks messages having the particular word, considering it to be some quite a spam. 

You may be a vital word to be utilized in a billboard. It directly points out the benefits to the customer, if he buys a specific product or service. Step into the shoes of the customer and check out to notice down the points which can be of benefit and what points will decrease the interest. the benefits they should be mentioned to the customer by addressing them with 'you'. The customer feels that he's being directly talked to. 

The word 'Immediately' rings within the emergency. It is often interpreted as 'Don't wait anymore, catch on now!’ This motivates the customer to require some necessary and quick action.

Power in itself may be a powerful word. Give that power to the buyer and see the magic. this provides the buyer a sense that he can get possession of something that he lacked till now and this might make him achieve the impossible.

The basis of a successful advertisement is to know the consumer's needs then design the advertisement accordingly. Just stating the benefits of using the merchandise or service of the corporate isn't enough. A sentence should be so designed that the customer should see his advantage within the product. for instance, when advertising for a camera, just stating that the in-built memory of the camera is of 1 GB, won't do the trick. Instead, the sentence should be changed to 'enough memory to store 350 pictures or 50 videos'. the answer to the matter of the customer is reflected during this sentence. Ideas are often taken from advertisements of other similar brands like how the sentences are written and placed in a billboard. After the sentence framing, adding power words to boost the advertisement will certainly make a winning advertising campaign.

5- Advergaming: Advertising through video games The practice of using video games to market a specific product or a corporation is understood as “Advergaming”. Wired magazine first used this term during a column to explain the commissioning of free online games by large companies, in 2001. There are three categories of Advergaming: ATL Advergaming, BTL Advergaming, and TTL Advergaming.

ATL Advergaming is often vaguely explained as a promotional computer game. The business incorporates interactive video games on their website so on create more awareness about their product among the website visitors. This method is additionally wont to attract more visitors to the location and to extend the traffic flow on the website. If the games are made for product advertising, the merchandise is highlighted within the game.

Before the invention of the web, floppy disks and later compact disks were used as a medium to market games and successively a specific product. It started with diskette basically to make awareness also as product promotion. the primary Advergame was distributed by American Home Food, which was developed by Chef Boyardee. Taco Bell and Coca Cola followed it by giving customers floppy disks containing promotional games. the primary Advergame to be distributed on compact disc was by Chex and General Mill. The graphics of those games have matured from arcade style flash to three-dimensional.

BTL Advergaming comprises recruitment tools like In-game advertising, militiamen, and edutainment. Usually, the mascot of the actual company is depicted because of the heroin such games. Pepsi man and Burger man were the mascots utilized in promotional games designed by Pepsi and Burger King respectively. The storyline of those games is often commercial, educational, or political just like the game American Army created to draw in more youth towards devoting their life to the army and also games meant to market sports like Formula One racing also are a neighborhood of this system.

In-game advertising is more commercial type and is only targeted for promotion of the merchandise via the sport. this is often really learning and even movies are promoted by this method. Like on the website of the movie, The Mummy, some games have a storyline almost like the movie and therefore the player is given knowledge of the facts about the movie and its subject, Egyptian Mummy. Educational Advergaming refers to games that portray an ethical message to the players.

These games also can act as a medium of advertisement themselves like within the computer game of EA Sports; banners of Pepsi line the frame of the sport. By using this strategy the businesses are ready to provide a low price or free games to the consumers. this is often also effective in reducing the worth of games that have a monthly fee.

TTL Advergaming or through the road Advergaming is that the rarest sort of Advergaming. URL links are embedded into a game that takes the players to the online pages, which has BTL Advergaming. Different methods are wont to attract the player to a specific webpage. within the game " Enter the Matrix" URL hyperlinks are depicted within the background, which the player is forced to click to find out about the facts concerning the plot of subsequent level and at an equivalent time advertises about the merchandise. The curiosity to find out about the theme of the sport attracts the player, although it'd not be necessary to click to end the sport. Such sorts of games are usually referred to as link-chases together link will cause another. Website visitors are sometimes tempted with a prize to prompt them to click the URL.

This technique of advertising is basically beneficial because it not only creates awareness among the player but also among his friends who lands the web site upon friend’s suggestion. The success of Advergaming is the contingent word of mouth and thus is additionally referred to as viral marketing. within the year 2004, this industry generated around $83.6 million and involved 105 million players.

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