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1- Advertising in Newspapers

2- Research in Advertising

3- Search Engine Optimization and Advertising

4- Women in Advertisements

5- Writing a good headline for your advertisement


1- Advertising in Newspapers Newspaper advertisements are as old as the advertisement itself. Although it's an age-old method of advertisement, it still receives an equivalent response and is very successful. Both small and enormous businesses still choose this method to market their products and services. Ask them and nearly a hundred percent advertisers would choose newspapers as their primary advertising medium.

Despite a registered decline in newspaper circulation numbers and advertisements featured during a newspaper, they're read by many people at their table. the speed of increase in price to put advertisements in newspapers is climbing rapidly in comparison to radio, television, and billboards. the most aim should be to urge the specified attention from the advertisement and outdo the competitor. Various factors should be considered and measures should be taken to make sure success while keeping the value low. 

Many advertisers, who advertise through newspapers, design their advertisements with none prior training. This has caused the increase of a larger number of shops who think that creating a billboard by them is that the only thanks to catching on right. This approach saves tons of cash and is sweet for little businesses, as long as they reach to correct customers. The just one occasion cost of placing a little advertisement is $150, therefore the measures should be taken to put them effectively. It isn't necessary to possess a full-page advertisement posted in the newspaper. If smartly designed, even page advertisement can do wonders; the cash saved is often wont to advertise concurrently in other mediums like radio, websites, etc. 

Using colorful font can multiply the value to several times and isn't well worth the return. If the budget is low and therefore the matter is confident enough, the black font is going to be fine. Regular readers read the newspapers daily; therefore, there's no sense in placing an equivalent ad within the same paper every day. The advertisement is often placed in several papers every day. The frequency is often 3 times every week for a specific newspaper. But there's a rise in the number of readers on weekends, so extra money is often invested in placing an advertisement within the weekend edition. Don't be disappointed if all the advertisement space is sold at weekend. Insert fliers in between the pages of the newspaper.

As many advertisers are going to be posting their ads on weekends within the local newspaper and therefore the chances of your ad getting lost within the muddle, the conventions are often twisted touch to beat the competition. Place a suggestion coupon within the mid-week editorial and pay the local station to advertise and mention the offer on their famous program. Ask them to specifically mention the coupon placed within the newspaper. Out of the daily readers, only a few of them undergo the whole newspapers. Most of them view the primary and last page. So rather than posting a billboard thrice-weekly within the middle pages, invest in placing the ad on the primary or last page of the newspaper, once every week. The majority of the newspapers don't give competitive protection, that is, a billboard of a firm are often placed next to the advertisement of its competitor. Specify this condition to the salesperson and take the guarantee from them.

There is a decrease in the number of local newspapers per annum. In us, only a few thousand newspapers function on a day today. Local people are now counting on weekly papers or newspapers with the local section. Sometimes just one publisher controls many of the local newspapers. Newspapers for all the localities are printed in one place with only the front page being changed. When advertising in such publications, care should be taken on recognizing the audience that's being reached. All the trouble and money is wasted if the incorrect customer is reached and therefore the result can enter loss. Mixing different media instead of one for advertising may be a smart approach. One can look out of the shortcomings of the opposite and add tandem to form the general ad campaign an enormous success.


2- Research in Advertising Research in advertising is completed to supply better advertisements that are more efficient in motivating customers to shop for a product or a service. The research is often supported as a specific ad campaign or are often more generalized and supported how advertisements create an impact on people's mind. many approaches are involved to travel about conducting advertising research like economical, psychological, demographical, and sociological. 

When designing a billboard for a specific product many things should be researched like where it should be displayed, whether the advertisement is often printed in newspapers or magazines or broadcasted on television or radio or published on the web. Many methods are undertaken to gather relevant information. The research itself is of two kinds, syndicated and customized. Syndicated research may be single research done by the corporate that's available to other companies also. Customized research is research supported certain criteria and is completed for a specific company and its results are available to only that company.

Pre-testing or copy testing may be a sort of customized research that determines the in-market efficiency of a billboard before it's released or before the ultimate production. The more the pre-testing is completed the more likely that it'll be a successful advertisement and every pre-testing should be applied many times. this will be done by studying the extent of attention the purchasers have, motivation, brand linkage, communication, and entertainment. The flow of emotions and flow of attention are weakened and studied individually. The results are applied to the advertisement that's still being developed to acknowledge the weak points and replace them. A reliable feedback circuit can guide the researchers, clients, and therefore the agency to figure consonant. Tests should be applied during the storyboard stage of ad making. this is often an early stage and therefore the results are highly predictive. During this process, images are selected and used as an integrated campaign print ad.

Post-testing or ad tracking studies are either syndicated or customized. Studies are done throughout your time or continuously. The in-market research is completed to know a brand's linkage, performance, awareness, and preference along with side product attitudes and usage. they're done by, conducting interviews either on the phone or the Internet. Testing the finished advertisement provides the arrogance and provides a thought whether it's following the strategy. 

All the above studies should facilitate the client's advertisement development to make the top product easier to realize. The study should contain rational information having not only surface knowledge but also provide deep in-sight which will open a window to a customer's mind. The customer, too, should provide precise information supported facts and not supported imaginary thinking and self-delusion. He should be ready to explain the role of an advertisement within the whole marketing plan. Working in a vacuum doesn't get the specified result. 

The basis is to supply an in-depth understanding of the consumers for improving on the advertisement techniques and other marketing decisions. the normal methods of qualitative and quantitative techniques are improved to research the knowledge with good insight.

The rapidly changing likes and wishes of the purchasers are difficult to trace but should be studied to extend the standard of advertisement. The changes are due to the large number of options offered to them by the market.


3- Search Engine Optimization and Advertising In today's net-savvy world it's become common for any business to possess an internet site which they use mostly for advertising their products and services. With the arrival of search engines, it's become even easier for the purchasers to look for things online. For an internet site to achieve success its link should land within the first three pages which the program brings and therefore the rank of the page should be high which suggests many visitors come to the location. this will be achieved by applying program optimization or popularly referred to as SEO. this is often a marketing strategy that increases the standard and quantity of traffic flow to a specific website via search engines. 

SEO not only affects the program results but also image search, video search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. It determines how an inquiry algorithm functions and searches what's fashionable people. When an internet site link is submitted to an inquiry engine, a spider crawls through a page to collect links that cause other pages and stores those pages on the server of the program. the knowledge collected from these pages is shipped to the indexer, whose job is to extract information from those pages like the keywords and their weights, the situation of the page, and other links that are stored for the spider to go to bed future. 

In the beginning, the program optimizer algorithms were contingent on the keywords, Meta tags, and index files provided by the Webmaster. Meta tags provided information a few particular pages, but using them for indexing the pages didn't convince achieve success as some Webmasters added irrelevant Meta tags to extend the number of hits and earn huge ad revenue. They even changed the HTML of the online pages to realize an honest rank for the page. But this was a case of abuse because it fetched irrelevant pages.

Search engines then began utilizing complex ranking algorithm, which was difficult for the webmasters to control so on provide web surfers with genuine results. The rank of the online page was calculated mathematically by functions using the strength and quantity of the inbound links. the upper the rank of the page the more chances it had to be viewed by an individual. Later algorithms were developed which considered various other on-page factors like rank and off-page factors like a hyperlink. Since the webmasters couldn't manipulate the page rank, they began exchanging, selling, and buying links, which cause link spamming and even the creation of various sites dedicated to this purpose. 

Algorithms became more complex by every passing day and top search engines kept their algorithms a secret. because the cost of SEO increased, advertisers were roped in to buy it, which finally resulted in top quality sites. Although investing in SEO is extremely fruitful, but at an equivalent time is risky because without any prior notice the algorithms getting used are sure to change and therefore the program will stop directing visitors to the page. Many consultants are available within the market that gives SEO services. They manipulate the HTML ASCII text file of the online site like menus, shopping carts, and sometimes even the content of the website to draw more traffic. Search engines like Yahoo have algorithms that extract pages not consistent with the page rank but consistent with the value per click or set fee, that's if an advertiser desires that the page containing his ad be displayed, he's expected to pay money for it. this is often some extent of controversy, as only the large businesses are going to be ready to increase the number of hits of their page but not the tiny business who could be having a far better quality page.

Google Ad Words explores ads that call on the carpet typed within the search box by the surfer. The Million Dollar Homepage started the concept of Pixel advertising, which may be a graphical quite advertising. counting on the pixels, space is sold to the advertiser. Keyword advertising involves advertisers who buy URLs of a site and place their ads at that location. Thus SEO may be a market on its own which is yielding great results for businesses on the Internet.

4- Women in Advertisements Featuring a female model in advertisements initially started with advertisements on products like alcohol and adult entertainment. The trend then spread sort of wildfire within the market and remains being widely used although being exaggerated. it's become a compulsion now to possess a gorgeous model altogether sorts of advertisement, which sometimes seems unnecessary. they appear to sell anything from shaving gel to cars.

Many women right activists say that the ladies are being projected as merely an object by such advertisements. But the tough truth is that advertisements featuring women are influencing viewers of all ages and advertisers have realized this. The advertisement starts with a beautiful woman posing in seductive ways followed by the merchandise or the service offered by the corporate. the sweetness of the model already lures the customer, so advertisers don't need to put in additional effort to motivate them.

But there are certain drawbacks in using women models in some advertisements and if a consumer is sensible enough, it won’t take time for him to understand that. it's irrelevant to feature a female model or an actress in an advertisement promoting men products. Some good samples of now are showing a lady in an ax deodorant commercial and comparison of a partially nude woman's body to the body of a car. The second drawback is thanks to more concentration on the model, the eye deserved by the merchandise isn't sufficient. the most focus of the advertisement is lost.

Surprisingly only a few male models advertise for male-oriented products. Even an image of a lady on an online commercial seems not logical to some extent, as there are thirty percent of female internet users and seventy percent of male internet users, worldwide. to feature thereto, advertisers cannot explain why beautiful bodies bring success to the advertisement. 

Advertisements are a convincing and motivating tool, which may leave a deep impact on the minds of the viewers and plays a serious role in molding the culture and attitude of the people. Expansive and extensive portraying of girls in this manner merely reduces their image to an object of passion. Emphasis is laid only on the physical great thing about the ladylike features, body curves. After the commercial has been shot, using graphical technology, any quite imperfection of the body is altered which during away sends out the signal that only perfect people are meant to use the merchandise.

The companies have an ethical responsibility also within society. These commercials harm society and result in problems faced by the common woman. the main ill effect is that the pressure on the woman to urge those near-perfect bodies. They get so pressurized that they take the unhealthy thanks to reaching the set goals. They develop eating disorders; their health gets affected which can sometimes end in irreparable damages. and people who never make it thereto point, face humiliation, and obtain taunted by everyone around them. This leads to depression and other long-term psychological diseases. 

According to researches and surveys conducted, most of the ladies vow that commercials lower their self-confidence and that they visualize themselves as unattractive thanks to the image being portrayed of the right woman in ads. In America, seventy-five percent of healthy females think that they're over-weight. half the lady's populations are on some quite diet program and nearly ten million women suffer from serious eating disorders. a load of a mannequin is twenty-three percent but a mean weighted ordinary woman.

Advertisements haven’t spared women being beaten up. during a particular after-shave lotion commercial, the background voice says that its essential to find out martial arts because once a person applies the company's product, women around are going to be attracted and can pounce on him. Towards the top of the commercial, they show a male model kicking several women models that appear to possess interested in him. this is often the degradation of respect of girls to rock bottom level. 

After all this exposure, women viewers identify themselves because of the weaker sex. Some think that males decide their self-worth. Overexposure of girls as sex objects has triggered cases of physical assault and rapes. The majority of the ladies are taking the incorrect thanks to getting those stick figures, which are leads to diseases, sometimes resulting in death. And most of this is often attributed to the advertisements that pour into the lives of innocent people every day. Marketing ethics should be built to boost the status of women within society and provides them due respect but not degrade them.


5- Writing a good headline for your advertisement There is no denying the very fact that the success of a billboard lies mostly within the headline. The headline should attract the reader and make him read the remainder of the advertisement. The headline should be simply catchy and various key points should be embedded when choosing the headline for the ad.

The headline should catch the attention of the attention at the primary glance. Words in headlines should act as tags for the advertisement. It should say it all about the content that follows. If a corporation is selling affordable furniture, the headline of their advertisement should be 'Durable furniture for fewer price’. This headline will attract the proper customers who are on a glance out for durable furniture also as low-cost furniture. If the purchasers to be reached belong to a category that has an interest in decorating their house with beautiful furniture and aren't concerned about the worth to urge the proper look, then the headline is often 'Change how your house looks by our oriental furniture'. Anything aside from the prospects shouldn't be included within the headline. If both men and ladies can use a product, both of them should be mentioned within the title, missing out on even one among the category is like losing an enormous number of potential customers.

The title should be an instant product seller. consistent with a search, five times more readers read just the headline in comparison to those that read the entire advertisement. therefore the investment is of no use if the title isn't ok to sell the merchandise. There is often an opportunity that the content of the ad isn't strong enough. All the harm is often undone by having a strong headline.

The headline should be centered on the merchandise and not the corporate that's selling the merchandise. The customer’s interest should be reflected and he should feel that he's directly addressed. Start with ‘you’ and not ‘we’. So if the client specified on mentioning the company’s name, don’t start the sentence with it. for instance, rather than writing 'Tylenol – solution for sever cold ’, write ‘Got sever cold? Try Tylenol’. always remember to say the name of the merchandise within the headline. the merchandise name should be of top priority.

A snapshot of the advantages of the merchandise should tend within the headline. this is often a crucial quality of a well-phrased headline. the purchaser's lookout for advantages when he thinks of shopping for a product. Keywords like whiter teeth, nutritious cereals, or miraculous growth should be incorporated within the title. 

 If inculcating of these factors have made the headline long, it should be remembered to write down the merchandise advantages in bold. If a visible is placed within the advertisement, it'll be an honest compliment. As an image speak a thousand words. But care should be taken that the headline should say some a part of the story and therefore the visual should say the remainder. Don’t repeat the headline or the image.

Too much cleverness shouldn't be applied to style a headline. There are nearly five hundred advertisements during a local newspaper on weekends. a daily reader reads the headings of all of them. He is going to be ready to classify between a false heading and a real heading. No false promises or information should be included within the headline. Over smart headlines are good for award competitions, but don't work with the savvy customers.

The headline should give out a positive feeling to the reader. Negativity should be excluded because it not only creates a negative impression but the mind also will be not receptive friendly. It sometimes confuses the mind and it interprets a negative meaning of the message being delivered. Confidence should be reflected in the headline. Don't include any doubtful words like if and but. Conditional phrases are a strict no. The sentence should be in present, rather than past or future.

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